Choosing a dentist after delaying for over 6 years is tough !
Dr. Norman and his excellent staff, Jennifer, Coreena, and Kim, took care of me at every step.
Scheduling, consultations, the work that needed to be done on my teeth, and a follow-up appointment, have without a doubt resulted in me being a patient for life.
If you're in the same situation as I was, or are looking for a different opinion for your own dental needs, I highly recommend you go see them at their Roseburg or Glide clinics.

Teal T.

No one likes a visit to the dentist, but Jed Norman makes it as pain-free as possible. I've been to good dentists and bad ones, having gone through much more than my share of dental drama, so I was extremely relieved to find Dr Norman. He's very experienced and knowledgeable, but more to the point, he cares about his patients. He's thorough, compassionate, and patient. He's not afraid of a challenging dental situation, but knows his limits. I've supplied him with several opportunities (not on purpose) to recommend work that wasn't necessary, but he always suggests the conservative treatment first. He explains the science and logistics of his approach well, which helps me feel more confident. Also, both his office staff , dental assistants , and hygienist are equally competent and caring. When I need to get in for an appointment I'm able to. My husband and I have been Dr Norman's patient's for over three years now and I highly recommend him.

Shawna W.

Great dentist and awesome staff. Service is always thorough and they are very clear about treatment plans and costs. I got my wisdom teeth pulled here and they did a very good job. If you're looking for an honest, kind dentist with integrity, Jed Norman is your guy.

Andrew F.

I would recommend this place to anyone very caring and helpful i am new to the area and my child need to be looked at Dr. Norman was right there ready to go to the office when everyone els told me I had to wait till the morning they have great fallow up

Roxine R.

Jed Norman and his whole staff are so amazing. I am so great full to have found them. I moved 86 miles away and travel to still have him as my dentist.

Michelle P.

Overall I could not gotten any luckier with my choice of a dentist. I broke my tooth in half eating a meatball of all things and needed to see a dentist immediately. I called Dr. Normans office and got in right away. It was a great and family like experience where everyone cares about you and Dr. Norman is a pro at what he does. I would recommend them to anyone.

Ryan K.

Dr Norman is the best dentist I've ever been to. He is very meticulous in his work and makes sure you are comfortable and happy with the results. Highly recommend

Gary R.